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Learning in Retirement Lecture Series

September 6, 2018
Categories: Campus Updates

For the 19th consecutive year, we are pleased to present a series of Learning in Retirement Lectures. Made possible by generous donations to our Office of Philanthropy, this line-up of exciting programs is free and open to the public. Join us as we explore the musical legacy of Memphis, investigate records of Cold War CIA, meet a Siberian Tiger, and much more! 

October 17th - Washington & the Ring of Fire | Presented by Norm Dixon

October 31st - Fraud, Cyber Scams & Identity Theft Prevention | Presented by AARP

November 14th - Nisqually Indian Tribe | Presented by Willie Frank

December 5th - Exploring Archival Records of a Cold War CIA Front | Presented by David Price

January 16th - Memphis in June | Presented by David Deacon Joyner

February 13th - Through the Eyes of  Friend | Presented by Living Voices Company

March 20th - Nature Speaks: A Call to Life | Presented by Laurie Pyne

April 10th - Our Wild Cats: Going, Going, Gone? | Presented by Wild Felid Advocacy Center

May 22nd - Diamonds in Ether: Tuning in to the Northwest Radio History | Presented by Feliks Banel

Click on the attachment below for more details on what's coming up and then head over to our events page to RSVP. See you there!

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