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Enriching Lives Annual Appeal

September 27, 2018
Categories: Giving Back

Dozens of incredible moments, both big and small, take place at Panorama every day. Friends enjoy a performance at the Auditorium; an Assisted Living resident with back problems receives a massage; a group is refreshed after a garden therapy class in the C&R. Moments like these take place because of support from our generous community. In September, the Office of Philanthropy kicked off the Enriching Lives Annual Appeal as an opportunity to support life-enriching programs and activities throughout the continuum of care at Panorama.

100% of all contributions fuel life-enriching activities across the continuum of care in the following ways:

  • In Independent Living, the Lifestyle Enrichment team has been expanding partnerships with well-respected artists to increase the quality and diversity of our outstanding entertainment options available in the Panorama Auditorium. Additionally, our Learning in Retirement Series and Memory Café program are fully supported through contributions to the Office of Philanthropy.
  • Assisted Living residents are invited to attend several excursions throughout the year. They can also enjoy an appointment with a licensed massage therapist or participate in chair yoga classes. These activities are designed to help maintain physical function and promote social interaction.
  • Residents in the Convalescent and Rehabilitation Center (C&R) can participate in several special programs intended to stimulate the heart and mind, including Music Therapy, Massage Therapy and Garden Therapy. They are also treated to special performances of local artists and even musicians from surrounding states.

The support of those who contribute communicates a powerful message about the importance of caring in our community. Such kindness means more needs met, more neighbors supported, more lives enriched.

To make a contribution to the Office of Philanthropy’s annual appeal contact Meghan Vu at (360) 438-7545 or [email protected].

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