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Careers in Aging Week - Meet Adam!

March 6, 2019
Categories: Our Community

March 3 - 9 is National Careers in Aging Week. We're celebrating by spotlighting a few of our employees in a variety of positions. Learn what's rewarding about working in this industry from their perspective.

Adam Price

Front Desk Receptionist

Panorama employee for 3 years

When I came to Panorama, I was looking for a place I could thrive and build a career. Those who know me have always said I’m an “old soul”.  I was never able to connect with my own grandparents but I definitely enjoy interacting with seniors so this career has certainly helped fill a void in my life.  

When I’m asked about where I work and how long I’ve worked there, my response usually requires an explanation of Panorama and what a CCRC is. But then I have the pleasure and the privilege of following up with this statement: “I’ve worked there for 3 ½ years, and I haven’t had a single bad day of work yet.” I’ve had busy days, crazy days, and slow days but I can’t count a single one of them as a bad day.

A bad day to me is when you feel as if no one appreciates you and like nothing you did that day ultimately mattered. I just haven’t had a day where any of those have happened. On a regular basis I’ll have a resident or fellow employee call up or come over to my desk and thank me for something I did for them that day. Later, I’ll see or hear the results of those labors. Sometimes a simple call transfer or relay of information from my desk can even result in someone’s life being saved, so I know what I do matters.

Before working with Panorama, my idea of a senior citizen was someone who lives a slow and peaceful existence, waiting for the next visit from their children. Now I see that I won’t truly know the meaning of the phrase “I'm busy” until I retire. The residents I know at Panorama are more active than any young person in my life, and a fair amount of them could frankly run circles around me and my friends. They’re conducting weekly clubs, volunteering, creating works of art, and climbing mountains to their peak. Of course some need more assistance, like assisted living and long term care but even they are doing something for fulfillment every day, interacting with the community, not just sitting at home watching Matlock.

The main advice I would give to anyone looking to work with seniors, especially in a CCRC like Panorama, is to take a second upon first meeting a resident and get to know them and understand what their needs (or lack of needs) are. Start with a mindset of respect and assume they can do things for themselves. Just keep a look out in case they do need or want your assistance.

If you want to work in a place where you feel appreciated and heard; where what you’re doing is making a difference on a daily basis and your co-workers feel like family without drama or bickering, you can't find a better place than Panorama.

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