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Careers in Aging Week - Meet Lynette!

March 7, 2019
Categories: Our Community

March 3 - 9 is National Careers in Aging Week. We're celebrating by spotlighting a few of our employees in a variety of positions. Learn what's rewarding about working in this industry from their perspective.

Lynette Burris

Independent Living Services Driver

Panorama employee for 13 years

I have enjoyed a career of 13 years working with the residents at Panorama. I began in 2006, working as an Urgent Response Aide, which entailed assisting residents as a first responder to medical emergencies.  In 2017, I transferred over to the Independent Living Transportation Department in which I assist with driving residents to their medical appointments.  I have enjoyed being helpful to the residents in each of these positions.

The most rewarding thing about my job is the treasure chest of wisdom and knowledge that I have gained through conversing with the residents here at Panorama who come from all over the world and from so many diverse backgrounds.  I enjoy the many experiences and stories that they share with me. 

I have learned that it’s a wonderful journey to experience all facets of life and aging is one of those experiences that not many have the privilege of enjoying. Even though some suffer from aging challenges, they show endurance.

In my work with this population of older adults, I have also learned that patience is truly a virtue. There is no need to hurry or rush.  They are living a life full of activity and recreation of all sorts, yet at a leisure pace. 

What would I say to someone considering a career in aging services? Would you like to be in the company of wisdom, knowledge and wonderful stories about great adventures of all sorts?  That’s what seniors bring to the table.

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