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A Mother's Love

May 5, 2020
Categories: Our Community

A Mother’s Love 

There’s nothing more comforting or uplifting than a mother’s love. For most of us, it’s the one true constant in our life. In our early years, she was there when we would stumble and fall to take the hurt away. When others trampled our feelings, she made us feel special. She was our biggest fan. She believed in us when no one else would. She would not accept less than our best. She always called us higher. 

She showed us how to sacrifice and love unconditionally. When we were sick, she was there to make it all better. She worked tirelessly to ensure that we had clothes to wear, warm meals to eat, and a roof over our heads. She always put us first, and herself last. She showed us the power of humility and service, and made the world around her a better place.

In all that we do, our greatest hope is to be a reflection of her so that we might become an extension of her love and a gift to others.

To the many wonderful and inspiring mothers who grace our campus and bless our lives, this remembrance is dedicated to you. 

Happy Mother’s Day, 

Bill and Matt

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