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Meet Sara, Social Services Advisor!

December 2, 2020
Categories: Our Community

When a resident expresses how much they appreciated you, what did you do?

Residents and their family members thank us for many different reasons, particularly at times of crisis when they do not know whom else to turn to. People are thankful to have someone to call when they need support and we are the lucky ones to pick up the phone.

What aspects of your daily work encourage you?

How compassionate and generous Panorama residents are to each other and the broader community. Panorama is truly one of a kind and I feel such a great partnership through our connection to the Benevolent Fund.

What have you learned about aging from your work here at Panorama?

How important it is to have a strong support system as one ages. The support of family, friends, community and beyond is essential in our own health and wellbeing. I am privileged to have these supports in my own life as a younger adult. I also know how important good nutrition and exercise are on the aging brain and body. These are the keys to successful aging.

When you play, what do you do?

My idea of playing is getting my hands in the dirt! I love to garden and do yard work – even weeding! I mostly enjoy perennial gardens and Pacific Northwest natives. I also have a few fruit and veggie plants. When I was a kid, you would find me riding my banana seat Schwinn bike, playing with backyard bugs, and my pet rabbits.

Is there something else you would like to share?

I just completed my first year of my Masters of Science Social Work at the University of Louisville. This has been an incredible learning opportunity and I’m excited to begin a part-time practicum this Fall. I appreciate all the support from Panorama management, staff and residents while I continue to work towards my MSSW degree.

Thank you to Sara for all you give to enrich the quality of our lives at Panorama.

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