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Meet Tiffany, Social Services Advisor!

December 16, 2020
Categories: Our Community

What would you like us to know about you?

I was born in Tacoma, third generation on my mother’s side. I was raised in Washington with the exception of a few years when my family moved outside of Green Bay, Wisconsin. I earned my BA and MSW from the University of Washington Tacoma and enjoyed that time very much. It’s such a special city, and I feel connected to my family when I’m there even though they have all gone. The Cloverleaf, Ruston Way, Stanley & Seaforts! I love living in Tumwater now, but I left my heart in Tacoma!

When a resident expresses how much they appreciated you, what did you do?

I find Panorama residents to be extremely grateful in general, very generous with praise. If I provide a form, I am acknowledged for my hard work and talent!  I have been told repeatedly by the Low Vision group and the Bereavement members how much my efforts mean to them.  Today, I followed up with a resident who has been through a difficult time recently. I called to see how he was feeling, if he needed anything.  He expressed appreciation for a caring listener and was reassured knowing he isn’t alone if he has a problem, that he is important.  

What aspects of your daily work encourage you?

On top of the outpouring of warmth and positivity from residents, my co-workers are wonderful. I find a lot of strength in being able to connect with my team. Also, Panorama has such conscientious leadership. The Executive office, the Resident Council, the Benevolent Fund Board, and all of the managers are great role models. I am bolstered by the fact that people’s lives and safety have been the priority during this unnerving time.  We are not wavering from our Mission and Values and that encourages me every day. 

In what way has your work at Panorama influenced how you think about your own aging process?

Many Panorama residents choose to make changes as they age. Their ability to let go or to be supported makes a positive difference in their lives. I admire these residents very much because they seem to not buy into cultural notions of individualism that do not serve them. This has opened my eyes to my own beliefs about dependence. I’ve decided to develop a more cooperative attitude.  I’m a very particular person and I don’t want that to impede my quality of life as I age.

What was your favorite toy when you were a kid?

My grandparents bought me a suitcase record player when I was eight and a box full of 45’s.  I began collecting albums and inherited a real stereo with a cassette player! I spent endless hours making mix tapes. I still love music and am so thankful that my grandparents encouraged me (even if they didn’t like my favorite bands!).

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