Our Goal

Creating an affordable retirement lifestyle for doers and dreamers

Few places are as stunningly beautiful as the areas surrounding Seattle in the Pacific Northwest. Fewer still encompass the gracious lifestyle, peace of mind and opportunities of Panorama. Our goal is to create a vital environment where residents gather to share varied interests, from woodworking and painting to sculpture, playing billiards, gardening, making jewelry and more. Our unique neighborhoods attract active retirees looking for a healthy lifestyle. Opportunities for lifelong learning and volunteering abound!

Maybe your goal is to put a solid plan in place for your future health care. Our supportive services, full home maintenance, grounds care, transportation and a continuum of health care services relieve you of many of life’s worries.

Please schedule a time to look closely at your future. You’ll come away with a clearer picture of your options, including possibilities you may not have realized were within your reach!

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