What Does It Cost?

Panorama’s fee-for-service contract is designed to give you more control over your retirement needs. The Entrance Fee and the Monthly Fee are the two primary financial obligations involved in this investment which secures the lease and provides access to amenities and services. The Entrance Fee is a one-time payment that effectively decreases the Monthly Fee, allowing us to maintain competitive and predictable pricing.  

If you compare these costs with your current living expenses, the value becomes apparent.  Many of the services available to our residents are charged on an á la carte model. This is in contrast to a Type A or Month-to-Month contract which charge higher monthly fees in order to cover services that may not be needed (such as a meal plan or medical care). 

The amount of these two fees is calculated uniquely for each home on our campus according to the size, location, and added amenities (such as a garage or fireplace). Entrance Fees at Panorama range from $97,500 to $650,000. Monthly Fees start at $1,350. Take a look at our current rate sheet for a better understanding of the varied home styles we have and their associated fee amounts.

  • Animated Arrow for QuestionsRefund Policy

    For refund calculation purposes, the Entrance Fee paid to Panorama is amortized at a rate of 1.5% per month over 67 months. Should residency end during the first 67 months, the unamortized portion is returned to the resident(s) or estate.

  • Animated Arrow for QuestionsWhat Is Included?

    Here are some of the items included in this investment

    • Residency in a like-new home with up-to-date design finishes and a full kitchen
    • Interior home maintenance (such as replacement of lights and repairs on plumbing, electric, and appliances)
    • Exterior home maintenance (such as structural repair and landscaping)
    • Electricity/Gas
    • Heat
    • Sewer
    • Water
    • Garbage
    • Property tax
    • Basic local telephone service
    • Comcast extended basic cable TV
    • 24 hour uniformed security patrol
    • 24 hour urgent response staff
    • SARA system (Situational Awareness and Response Assistant)
    • 24 hour emergency maintenance
    • Social services staff support with personal consultations, medical claims filing, peer support groups and more
    • Lifestyle Enrichment program which facilitates social, educational, cultural and wellness events on and off campus (*some additional fees may apply)
    • Access to Aquatic & Fitness Center
    • Public WiFi access in select common spaces
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