Panorama is closely monitoring the coronavirus situation and taking appropriate precautions.

A Message from Panorama’s Board of Directors

Our Community

Over the past year, the global pandemic, remote work/schooling, economic instability, and racial injustice have placed a burden on each of us (young or old) – employees, residents, management and board members alike. As we all began this 2020 journey together, we had no idea how long it might last, or how long we would be asked to continue the necessary changes we had to make in our own lives and those of our loved ones. Nonetheless, it remains true that out of these uncertain and challenging times Panorama has come together as a resilient and supportive community. We are grateful that employees and residents alike have reached out to strengthen our community in this most challenging time. Daily there are interactions and moments when individuals demonstrate compassion and resilience, understanding and empathy, finding ways to work together and support one another. Through the ingenuity, caring, and dedication of both staff and residents, a number of activities have been restored and reshaped allowing community life to emerge despite pandemic restrictions. 

As we move through the holiday and winter season, it will be more important than ever for each of us to focus on those things that help us stay safe, grounded, and in touch with what is truly important in our lives – staying home, visiting virtually, avoiding gatherings but making plans to gather in the future, being mindful of others, listening, and responding with care. The safety and well-being of each employee and resident remains our highest priority and is an essential building block of our community. Although we cannot predict with certainty when we will return fully to what we think of as “normal” life, we know that it will happen and we will all celebrate together again. In the meantime, we remain thankful for each resident and staff member and their individual contribution to the well-being of the Panorama community. We wish you a special season of true peace and joy with hope and confidence in a bright future for us all.


Your Board of Directors