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Frequently Asked Questions

Our campus services include Independent Living (no staff oversight), Assisted Living (minimal staff oversight), and Skilled Nursing (24-hour nursing care). Most residents start out with Independent Living and remain at this level throughout their lives. As needs change, they may hire additional services in their home or move to another level in the continuum.

This continuum is not all-inclusive but our staff are here to support you and your family through the changes that aging can bring. We are well connected to the Thurston County community and we can help you find additional services off campus as needed.

Panorama is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation with a seven-member Board of Directors. Comprised of proven leaders in the broader community and Panorama residents, the Board of Directors sets policy, adopts the annual budget, and oversees the professional management team.

The minimum age at move-in is 62 and all Independent Living residents must be able to live safely in their home with no staff oversight. To apply for residency, prospects must complete the application form and submit an application fee.

Once the Residency Review Committee approves your application, you are placed on our waitlist. Your position on the waitlist is tied to the date we received your application. We offer each available home to the waitlist and those at the top (earliest application date) have the first opportunity to reserve it. Not everyone is looking for the same type of home so they may decide to pass on it and the home will make its way down the list from there.

Yes. The entrance fee is amortized at a rate of 1½% per month for 67 months. If your residency at Panorama ends before you have lived here for 67 months, the unamortized portion of your entrance fee will be refunded to you or your estate. Beyond 67 months, your entrance fee is fully vested in Panorama and there is no refund available.

Your Residency Agreement (contract) signed at time of move-in will specify that monthly fees increase each year by a minimum of 3.5% or in proportion to the change in Consumer Price Index, whichever is greater. This increase offsets some of the rising costs of utilities, wages, property taxes, etc.

Panorama insures the physical structure of your home but we recommend that you obtain coverage for personal property and personal liability.

Pets are welcome at Panorama under the guidelines and conditions detailed in our Pet Policy. You may have a maximum of two pets at any given time*. All pets must be approved by Panorama’s executive staff (breed, size, home location, and temperament of the animal are all taken into consideration).

*Apartment homes are limited to a maximum of one pet and no dogs.

Parking accommodations vary from home to home. Apartment homes come with one parking spot per household (some are covered but not all). Other homes on campus may come with a carport, 1-car garage, or 2-car garage.

Meals and housekeeping are not included but they are available. We have a full service restaurant on campus. Housekeeping is available for a fee if you choose to schedule them.

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