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Support When You Need it

Independent Living Social Services

We travel the path forward, together, to meet shared goals. Educated, experienced, resourceful and caring, our three Social Services Advisors work in the best interest of residents and are prepared to provide support for you in your home at Panorama.

Our Social Services Advisors are person-centered advocates provided to our residents at no cost, generously sponsored by Panorama’s Benevolent Fund.  In some cases aging presents changes and complexity that require skilled navigation of social, medical, financial, and family systems. Emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of aging are considerations of equal importance to that of physical ones.

Support Groups

Social Services hosts support groups to provide a safe place to talk, learn and listen. Our services and support groups are free, confidential and for Panorama residents only.

An inclusive social gathering for people living with early memory loss and their care partners to engage and connect in the community.
A support group for any Panorama resident living with or caring for someone with Parkinson’s disease or related movement disorder.
A support group for any Panorama resident living with low vision.
A support group for any Panorama resident and care partner living with cancer.
A virtual support group for any Panorama resident who is a caregiver to someone living at home or in a long-term care community.
A support group for any Panorama resident in need of bereavement support.

A support group (resident facilitated and funded by the Resident Council) that provides resources for Panorama residents who are hearing challenged — whether or not a hearing device is used.

When do Social Services Advisors provide support?

  • When talking about any issue, including health, finances, or end of life wishes helps bring clarity.
  • When there is a scheduled surgery or unexpected hospital admission.
  • When you are contemplating moving through the continuum of care, including Assisted Living and C&R
  • When you are struggling with the aging process.
  • When you are going without things you want or need.
  • When your support system needs clarification, updating, or an adjustment.