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Board of Directors

Panorama is a 501(c)(3) corporation, a not-for-profit organization. Corporate governance by means of Panorama’s Board of Directors is made up of seven proven leaders, including two Panorama residents. The Board of Directors sets policy, adopts the annual budget, and oversees the professional management team that leads day-to-day operations.

Our Board

Panorama’s Board is comprised of seven proven leaders, including two residents.

Board Focus

As a corporate governance board, the Directors provide strategic oversight, adopt budget, and oversee Panorama’s executives.

Our Mission

Our Board is committed to upholding our mission—helping each other achieve the best possible life.

Fred Goldberg


As chairman of Panorama’s board, Fred’s role is to ensure all members of the board are heard and engaged at meetings. Additionally, he is in consistent communication with Panorama’s staff leadership, consulting on strategic matters.

Professional Experience: Fred is a chartered financial analyst with a depth of experience in banking. He is also an entrepreneur and co-founder of Saltchuk Resources, a diverse group of maritime and shipping related businesses.

Dr. William Gavin

Co-Vice Chairman

As a Vice Chairman of Panorama’s board, Bill brings not only medical expertise, but also knowledge in corporate finance. He is the Chair of the Nominating Committee, which focuses on ensuring a stable future for Panorama through succession planning for the board of directors and senior management.

Professional Experience: Bill is a retired physician; past Director of a Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory at Providence St. Peter Hospital; and past Medical Director of Cardiac Services at Providence St. Peter Hospital.

Daryl D. Jensen

Co-Vice Chairman

As a Vice Chairman of Panorama’s board, Daryl brings financial expertise as a trained actuary with extensive experience in the insurance industry. He is the Chair of the Compensation Committee, which ensures compensation of board members and key executive staff is fair and comparable to industry standards.

Professional Experience: Daryl spent his career as a leader within a variety of organizations, from banks and insurance companies to non-profits serving the community. He was President of Sunset Life Insurance Company for 26 years and he served as Vice President of Finance for the Western Institutional Review Board of Olympia.

Dale Hedden


As a member of Panorama’s board, Dale brings first-hand knowledge of Panorama’s financial history and current practices. He began working with Panorama in 1978 as a member of the annual audit team and was later involved in Panorama’s conversion to a not-for-profit entity. For 20 years, Dale was the partner in charge of Panorama’s account with RSM US LLP (audit, tax, and consulting firm).

Professional Experience: Dale spent his career as a Certified Public Accountant and served as a partner of Knight, Vale and Gregory (KVG) for fifteen years and a member of their board of directors for eight years. He was later partner of RSM US LLP for eighteen years until retirement.  

Gail Madden


As a member of Panorama’s board, Gail brings experience running a large health care organization, and has the added responsibility of representing the perspective of fellow residents. She enjoys listening to residents, answering questions, and helping address concerns. She often consults with the Resident Council President regarding questions or concerns that may need the attention of staff leadership or the board of directors.

Professional Experience: Gail is a retired medical technologist and lab scientist who served as the Manager of Internal Medicine at Seattle VA for 15 years.

Doug mah


As a member of Panorama’s Board, Doug brings a deep understanding of the broader community and the important relationships and connections required to make positive things happen. From years of serving on numerous local boards of directors, and the Olympia City Council, Doug has learned from some of the region’s best leaders and he has the ability to provide analytical, political, communication, and leadership acumen. 

Professional Experience: Prior to launching his own management and public affairs consulting firm, Doug worked in State government doing research, budget, and policy work for four different agencies over 23 years. He served on the Olympia City Council for 10 years (including as Mayor from 2007-2011). 

HOlly Mason


As a member of Panorama’s Board, Holly brings years of experience leading philanthropic organizations. She provides strategic advice, support, and advocacy for Panorama’s Office of Philanthropy to foster giving within Panorama and the broader community. Holly values the passion for art that is present in the Panorama culture and, as the chair of the Board’s Art Committee, she helps curate exceptional public art displays to elevate the beauty of the Panorama campus.

Professional Experience: Holly served the South Puget Sound Community College Foundation as a member of the Board of Directors and two-term Board President. She then served as the Executive Director of the Foundation until her retirement.

Ralph Munro


As a member of Panorama’s Board, Ralph brings years of experience in relationship-building. Because of his civic involvement and engagement with the broader community, Ralph contributes a unique level of advocacy for the interests of Panorama and its residents. Additionally, Ralph has a particular focus on ensuring individual perspectives and strong community partnerships remain at the forefront of strategic considerations.

Professional Experience: Ralph served as Washington’s Secretary of State for 20 years. Throughout his career and retirement, Ralph is known for his commitment to fostering unity, advocating for the rights of disabled individuals, preserving historic landmarks, and protecting the wildlife of Puget Sound.

Judy Murphy


As a member of Panorama’s board, Judy brings experience in public affairs and has the added responsibility of representing the perspective of fellow residents. From her years of involvement on campus, she has gained an understanding of the complexities of our community and aims to achieve consensus among people with disparate viewpoints. 

Professional Experience: Judy worked for the U.S. Public Health Service for 22 years, as a writer/director, press officer, and public liaison.