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Where you are planted

The culinary arts are full of flavor and variety – just like our community. When I joined the Seventeen51 team in 2019, I made it my goal to curate a menu that is customized to who we are. The first step was to pick a theme, which is always the hardest part. The trick isn’t deciding which things to throw on the menu in which order; it’s more about setting a tone and a timeframe. What do we want this menu to say? What will it look like in ten years? That second question was a doozy for me, as I had just moved home to Olympia after a 9 year absence. It was interesting to see restaurants downtown still serving recipes I’d created when I was a new chef. If I’d changed so much in the meantime then why hadn’t they?

I settled on two themes – Generativity and Growing Where You’re Planted. Generativity is a psychology term defined as the ability to transcend personal interests to provide care and concern for both younger and older generations. In short, creating things designed to outlast us. Growing Where You’re Planted means just that. We’re here now. Too much time is wasted looking for greener pastures. I wanted to drop a chair right here, to sit down, and see how long it takes to make this pasture as green as it can be. It’s too easy to write a menu, call it good enough, and move on to something else. The bigger challenge is to try to write one that will never be done being written. Lofty goals for a grilled cheese sandwich, right?

Joshua Trunnell
Executive Chef
seventeen51 Restaurant & Bistro
Dine with us

Seventeen51 Restaurant & Bistro

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday | 11:00am – 3:00pm 

Our on-campus restaurant, features a full-service bar, coffee bistro, and catering services. The menu includes original cuisine with seasonal flavors, homemade soups and dressings, and products from local vendors.  The restaurant also has two private rooms.

The restaurant staff members are Panorama employees that take pride in their ability to form relationships with their customers. This is a place where you can count on familiar faces and friendly service. Campus delivery option available.

heat and serve

This is a service offered by the restaurant that many residents utilize regularly because of its convenience. Pre-ordered, packaged heat and serve entrees are available for pick-up each week.

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