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In the Spotlight

Panorama Auditorium

Our Auditorium is the creative and cultural center of the community. The stage is never dark due to the dedication of our award-winning artistic/ technical coordinator and team of resident volunteers. It is a place for residents to gather and watch world-class performances, learn, explore and share. *Listening devices are available for those requiring hearing assistance.

State-of-the-Art Theater

Our 206-seat Auditorium presents a wide selection of concerts, movies, theatrical performances, guest speakers and engaging Learning in Retirement lectures – all free to Panorama residents. Although transportation is provided to the Washington Center of Performing Arts, residents know the same caliber of talent is featured on campus.

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What’s Featured?

A wide variety of entertainment including music, singers, dancers, performance artists, plays and musicals.
Current and classical films, outdoor movies, musicals, documentaries, biographies, history, art and nature videos.
60+ member resident choir
Plays & performances directed and produced by residents
Live radio performances and workshops performed + produced by residents
Variety of sporting events shown on the big screen
Special lecture series that covers a wide variety of cultural, social & historical learning opportunities
Residents and occasional guest speakers share their travel adventures
Informational forums on topics such as health & wellness, finances, security and arts & crafts
Residents learn how to run an auditorium, produce shows and other entertainment industry experiences
Digital presentations of college-level courses