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Extending Independence

Independent Living Supportive Services

As we age, our needs may change. Our Independent Living Supportive Services department provides services and resources so that our residents can live independently in their home for as long as possible.


Panorama supports Independent Living residents in a variety of ways:

Resident Assistance Coordinator

Assists with emergency information forms and disaster plan updates, security locks, and questions or general concerns.

Scheduled Well Checks

Residents can request scheduled visits from an Urgent Response Aide (URA) during illness or following a hospitalization. These visits are not medical in nature, nor are staff allowed to provide care. They are intended to provide security and peace of mind during temporary circumstances .

Welfare Checks

If a resident is concerned about a fellow resident and cannot get in touch with them, they can give Urgent Response a call. The URA will perform a complimentary Welfare Check to ensure the resident is okay. Staff, friends and family members outside of Panorama can also request this free service if they have reason to be concerned. Once the URA has made contact either by phone or in person, they will make sure the concerned party is informed.

Inactivity Alert System

If a resident chooses to opt into this service, Urgent Response will know to expect a check-in from the resident by phone call each day. If they haven’t received a call by noon, the URA will contact the resident to ensure everything is ok.

Off-Campus Transportation

We have a driver on staff who is available for off-campus trips by appointment. If a resident needs transportation to an appointment or errand, they can call ahead to schedule. The charge is dependent on distance traveled and time spent.


Grocery Delivery service is available for those with difficulty getting to the grocery store. Orders can be completed online via the store’s website or ILS staff can assist with building a resident’s order and schedule pickup and delivery.

Social Services Advisors are here to help

Panorama’s three dedicated social services advisors are devoted to helping residents in times of need. Throughout your time at Panorama your advisor will help you find answers and make connections regarding any topic.

24 hour urgent response

Our urgent response aides (URAs) are on duty around the clock to respond to emergency alerts, SARA pendant activations, phone requests or pull-cord activations. When our residents alert us we will respond immediately. There is no charge.

Taking you where you want to go

Whether you need a ride across campus, to the doctor or to the grocery store, we will get you to your destination. Resident Council’s transit services and our transportation staff are ready to take the wheel.