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Green Team Volunteer Event

Giving Back

In 2017, the Green Team informally adopted the Stormwater Ponds and began removing Scotch Broom. After being successful with that, the Broom Busters morphed into being the Berry Blasters.  A much less satisfactory endeavor but a necessary one.  The goal went from eradication to control.  Gary Proctor and Cleve organized the latest work party.

Photo: Staunch group not afraid of getting bloodied.  Left to right:  Roy Treadway, Kit Harma , Steve Lundin, Dick Van Wagenen, Dave Milne, Gary Proctor,  Dave Morris, Cleve Pinnix, Wayne Olsen and John Erickson.

Photos: Cleve Pinnix is not all wet despite claims!  The water was only knee deep when Cleve waded across the narrow channel between the mainland and the island, in what he has dubbed “Lake Vogel”, to attack the last bastion of Scotch Broom.  Wayne, John and Dave helped ferry the plants across.