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Introducing Kya!

Campus Updates

The new resident website!

Updates provided at the recent forums for the soon-to-be-released Panorama resident website were well received. Our team appreciates all of the positive responses and we enjoyed sharing a few laughs with you. We want the site name to have personality of its own, and it shouldn’t be a stale place where information is disseminated without character. The site should be a place of social engagement as well as a place to get information. For these reasons, we have named the site “Kya” (KY-ya), in honor of the welcome pole in McGandy Park. Part of the inscription on the plaque at the base of the welcome pole says, “This Welcome Pole was commissioned for the receiving and guarding of all who arrive at Panorama. She is a timeless symbol of community and kinship.” This sentiment is exactly what we are striving for with our new resident website.

We selected a company called Senior Portal to provide the website for us. Social engagement tools for seniors have not been around very long and Senior Portal came into the market as a late bloomer in 2014. Their focus has always been on customization and listening to their customers, two strengths that shine through in their product. They will be able to deliver all of the necessary functions that we need in a cost effective way.

The initial roll out will start with two of the simplest components: the resident handbook and telephone directory. This allows us to get our feet wet without over taxing staff to keep up with the upcoming changes.

The hardest part of the rollout will be getting everyone signed up. To help us accomplish this, Resident Council will develop a group of resident Kya Ambassadors. These Kya Ambassadors will be selected and trained to serve as guides who can help residents enroll. In addition to helping residents create and access their online account, Kya Ambassadors will undergo training on new features as they come available so they can continue helping neighbors take full advantage of the Kya platform.

Jeff Harley, Director of Information Technology