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Arts Walk 2018

Arts & Culture

Written by a Panorama resident for the July 2018 Newsletter

All the members of the Arts Guild survived the wonderful day of Panorama Arts Walk and offered special thanks and congratulations to resident volunteers for their leadership and organizational skills. Thanks must also go to the staff of Lifestyle Enrichment, Operations and Seventeen51 for all their work and support. While numbers are still coming in it is amazing to note that 375 people visited the Wood Shop in the Quinault and many of them also saw the TV Studio, the Weavers Studio, and the photography and quilting displays, not to mention the other art, music and live performance venues throughout the campus. Overall, the event featured more than 100 resident artists and their work, whether it be in clay, paint, fabric, metal, wood, music, the written word, or theater. 250 people went through the lunch buffet in two hours and the special Arts Walk Happy Hour at the end of the day was filled with tired feet and smiling faces. In eighteen months –we’ll do it all again. Congratulations and many thanks to all the participants, volunteers and patrons at this year’s very successful Arts Walk.