Panorama is closely monitoring the coronavirus situation and taking appropriate precautions.

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Ground Dog Day!

Our own Steve Pogge and Kimberly Thorpe hosted the 10th annual Ground Dog Day event in front of a small group of residents. This is a fresh (and adorable) spin on the Groundhog Day tradition. Watch the video for this year’s Ground Dog prediction!

Celebrating 20 Stars!

The C&R was recently awarded its 20th star, earning 20 out of 20 stars from the CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services). The rating system features an Overall Quality Rating of one to five stars based on facility performance on three types of performance measures (staffing, health inspections and quality), each of which has its own five-star rating. A perfect score indicates that the C&R stands out among other facilities in the area as one of the best!

Our team has worked hard to provide our residents with the best possible care. Panorama takes good care of us, and this directly translates into better care for our residents. There are only two other facilities in Washington State that currently have this rating. We are proud of the efforts our whole team has achieved this year. Our goal is to focus on providing the best care possible and the ratings will follow.” -Dennis Wilkerson, C&R Administrator

Annual 4th of July Celebration

Our Annual 4th of July Celebration at Panorama included multiple musical performances as well as the debut of our new courtyard and pavilion. Residents enjoyed a picnic lunch, ice cream and great company! 

Careers in Aging Week – Meet Kari Jo!

Kari Jo Motahari, Registered Nurse, Panorama employee for 5 years.

What is your role at Panorama?

“Ensure the safety of all residents and staff in our facility and provide top quality care to all residents while meeting infection control standards. I’m in charge of orienting all our nursing staff and making sure our educational resources are up to date and available.”

What is your favorite part of your job?

“Seeing smiles on the resident’s faces, seeing them eat and be happy. Also, seeing visitors come to spend time with them and seeing the glow on their face, especially around the holidays. I think we’ve had a tough two and a half years without being able to celebrate major milestones and I feel that it’s very important for people’s happiness.”

What attributes should an employee in Senior Living possess?

“Patience is important because residents can be repetitive in a lot of their behaviors and you have to remember that they’re not doing it on purpose, they’re doing it because that’s what they feel. I think you have to be extremely kind to be in health care in general, let alone a retirement community and long-term care facility. Lastly, being empathetic and having compassion for others. You need for it to come natural to you and just know that they deserve the care you want to give them.”

Careers in Aging Week – Meet Janeen!

Janeen Sanchez, Facilities Coordinator, Panorama employee for 8 years.

What is your role at Panorama?

“I get to wear many different hats, primarily to provide project and administrative support for the Facilities Maintenance Department and occasionally for various departments. I oversee the work order desk and Janitorial Department while serving as a super user for our work order system, which assists with training and troubleshooting for users.”

What is your favorite part of your job?

“Working with residents and my colleagues; I’ve learned so much from the people I’ve had the opportunity to interact with. It has been amazing working on projects hand-in-hand with residents on a different level. We get so much encouragement and support from them.”

What attributes should an employee in Senior Living possess?

“Creativity and compassion are important because we deal with so many different people and no two situations are the same. It’s crucial to be able to empathize with people who are at different stages of their lives, remaining patient and humble while taking the time to slow down. The support seniors need from us is genuine and positive feedback, independence and respect.”

Careers in Aging Week – Meet Ashley!

Ashley Powell, Lifestyle Enrichment Coordinator, Panorama employee for 2.5 years.

What is your role at Panorama?

“Creating a culture of community and social opportunities to enhance retirement living.”

What is your favorite part of your job?

“I think the biggest part is that I get to work in the department that brings joy. Everything we do, whether it’s scheduling a meeting for a small group or a huge campus-wide event, brings joy to the residents and enriches their lives. I get to work so closely with them, in a lot of fun ways!”

What attributes should an employee in Senior Living possess?

“Being compassionate and understanding is important, considering that our daily lifestyles and age group might be different than the community we’re serving. Openness, knowing that we all come from different backgrounds and taking the time to slow down and really listen to the residents. Also, we should be supportive, remembering that our human experience doesn’t solely exist in our employment in the workforce and that life doesn’t end at retirement. There’s so much more to offer and be lived and I think Panorama is a great community where we offer so many diverse activities, events and ongoing ways to live your thriving life.”

Careers in Aging Week – Meet Kelsey!

Kelsey Sheetz, Registered Dietitian, Panorama employee for almost 1 year.

What is your role at Panorama?

“I provide medical nutrition therapy to the residents in the C&R and Assisted Living. This may include assessing the textures of the resident’s food, providing education to residents on maintaining proper health through nutrition, or providing nutritious foods for residents losing weight or at risk of losing weight. I also assist the dietary staff in ensuring they are keeping the residents safe while cooking and serving resident’s food. Menus are also changed periodically throughout the year and I am involved in ensuring these menus are nutritionally balanced, visually appealing, and meet the standards set forth by Panorama.”  

What is your favorite part of your job?

“Being able to see the cooks in the kitchen and knowing we’ve got a lot of really good, long-term staff here at Panorama. Also, seeing the residents enjoy the food and receiving good and positive feedback!”

What attributes should an employee in Senior Living possess?

“Good listening skills are imperative so information can be gathered, realizing that the fun conversations often lead to how residents can be helped from a clinical standpoint. Building relationships through good communication is important so residents can be met where they’re at and we can see them for who they are. Residents have led very full lives and everyone has something to offer or provide you with while you’re helping them.” 

Careers in Aging Week – Meet Kathy!

Kathy Wolf, Grounds Administrator/ Lead Gardener, Panorama employee for 16 years.

What is your role at Panorama?

“I do any ordering of supplies, tools, plants, etc. needed for day to day activities. I assist the Grounds Maintenance Manager with managing work orders, projects and help wherever else she feels it is needed. I also help staff learn more about their job and how to do it properly, including plant ID, pest issues and overall plant health. Basically, I help facilitate organization and communication amongst all of our staff, to help the department run smoothly.”

What is your favorite part of your job?

“Working around the residents, especially the ones who really enjoy being outside and gardening. I always have conversations with the ones that are master gardeners because they can always teach me something. Every time I can teach a resident something about what we do, or landscaping in general or plants in general…that makes me happy and enjoy being here even more.”

What attributes should an employee in Senior Living possess?

“Patience and good communication skills are important in order to understand where residents are coming from. Many residents are curious about projects we work on and so being an outgoing person is helpful when talking to them and other staff members. Lastly, good listening skills; I don’t think enough people sit down and really listen. Residents have lived more life than we have and so there’s always something you can take from their stories.”

Celebrity Chef Salmon Dinner!

Celebrity Chef and Panorama Board member, Ralph Munro, came on June 23rd and cooked salmon for our residents! Almost 200 residents placed orders and came to watch Ralph cook. Ralph has been using this famous salmon recipe for years and started at the Seattle World’s Fair in 1962. Thank you, Ralph, for a fun & delicious meal!

A Message from Panorama’s Board of Directors

Over the past year, the global pandemic, remote work/schooling, economic instability, and racial injustice have placed a burden on each of us (young or old) – employees, residents, management and board members alike. As we all began this 2020 journey together, we had no idea how long it might last, or how long we would be asked to continue the necessary changes we had to make in our own lives and those of our loved ones. Nonetheless, it remains true that out of these uncertain and challenging times Panorama has come together as a resilient and supportive community. We are grateful that employees and residents alike have reached out to strengthen our community in this most challenging time. Daily there are interactions and moments when individuals demonstrate compassion and resilience, understanding and empathy, finding ways to work together and support one another. Through the ingenuity, caring, and dedication of both staff and residents, a number of activities have been restored and reshaped allowing community life to emerge despite pandemic restrictions. 

As we move through the holiday and winter season, it will be more important than ever for each of us to focus on those things that help us stay safe, grounded, and in touch with what is truly important in our lives – staying home, visiting virtually, avoiding gatherings but making plans to gather in the future, being mindful of others, listening, and responding with care. The safety and well-being of each employee and resident remains our highest priority and is an essential building block of our community. Although we cannot predict with certainty when we will return fully to what we think of as “normal” life, we know that it will happen and we will all celebrate together again. In the meantime, we remain thankful for each resident and staff member and their individual contribution to the well-being of the Panorama community. We wish you a special season of true peace and joy with hope and confidence in a bright future for us all.


Your Board of Directors