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On-Campus Therapy Dog

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Panorama is home to many wonderful pets and an afternoon stroll around campus will provide you with a glimpse into the personalities of many dogs. Among them is a beloved English Lab who proudly wears her title as a Therapy Dog. Gemma makes weekly rounds to visit patients in the Convalescent and Rehabilitation Center. She is the ideal visitor and friend because of her patience, calm demeanor, lovable personality, and desire to bring happiness to those around her!

 “Gemma provides joy and comfort every week in the C&R. She is particularly suited for visits in the Gentle Care unit. When she is here the residents are noticeably more alert, focused, stimulated, and animated as they interact with her and follow her through the unit. Her presence can instantly change someone’s mood and they look forward to seeing her. Animals can reach into our hearts and this is particularly true for our residents who no longer have the benefit of a companion pet.”  

Deb Becker, C&R Activity Director