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2023 Health & Fitness Forum

Our Annual Health & Fitness forum provides our residents with the opportunity to hear from different speakers and vendors discussing topics related to health and wellness. We had at least 120 people come through this year who enjoyed this fun and interactive way to promote health and fitness. The “Fender Blender” smoothie bike sure was a hit! Everyone had a great time and we look forward to making it an even bigger success next year!

Panorama Pathways 5K

This annual event is well-loved and offers residents the chance to jog, run or bike the 3.1 miles through many neighborhoods around campus. It’s a great opportunity to connect with others, get some exercise in and of course, have some fun!

Pickleball Clinic!

Our Annual Pickleball Clinic, led by our Aquatic and Fitness Coordinator, is always a hit. It’s a great opportunity for residents to meet other players, learn more about the game and most importantly, have some fun!

On-Campus Therapy Dog

Panorama is home to many wonderful pets and an afternoon stroll around campus will provide you with a glimpse into the personalities of many dogs. Among them is a beloved English Lab who proudly wears her title as a Therapy Dog. Gemma makes weekly rounds to visit patients in the Convalescent and Rehabilitation Center. She is the ideal visitor and friend because of her patience, calm demeanor, lovable personality, and desire to bring happiness to those around her!

 “Gemma provides joy and comfort every week in the C&R. She is particularly suited for visits in the Gentle Care unit. When she is here the residents are noticeably more alert, focused, stimulated, and animated as they interact with her and follow her through the unit. Her presence can instantly change someone’s mood and they look forward to seeing her. Animals can reach into our hearts and this is particularly true for our residents who no longer have the benefit of a companion pet.”  

Deb Becker, C&R Activity Director

Video: 2022 Panorama Pathways 5k

Nearly 150 residents participated in the Annual 5k on Saturday, June 4th. Residents could choose if they wanted to jog, walk or ride through the Panorama campus. The 5k course began and finished at the Aquatic & Fitness Center with several water stops along the way. Many Panorama pets participated as well! 

Move to Keep Moving

Senior Couple On Cycle Ride In Countryside

Move to keep moving. Seems pretty simple, though easier said than done often times. The good news: there is no inherently right or wrong way to move in this respect!

“Move it or lose it” and “use it or lose it” are statements we can take at face value when it comes to our bodies and their ability to move and function optimally. Our bodies don’t want to spend any more energy than they need to. We are energy conservation machines at their finest. That being said, if the body doesn’t have to keep up the muscle strength or flexibility in order for us to move, it won’t. This is why it is so vital to simply keep moving.

Moving more can mean finding a group exercise class or exercise routine to do. It can also mean dancing, walking, swimming, vacuuming more vigorously, gardening, riding a bike, or doing a few squats every time you enter a new room. It doesn’t always have to be structured. An added perk is that you don’t have to do it all at once either. You can spread these things out throughout the day to meet your needs and lifestyle.

For those who would like an opportunity for a little more structured movement, Panorama offers residents a variety of group exercise classes, such as:

  • Water Aerobics
  • Aqua Fit
  • Beginning Water Fitness
  • Tai Ji Quan: Movement for Better Balance
  • Mat Pilates
  • Zumba or International Folk Dancing
  • Nordic Walking for Balance (beginner)
  • Nordic Walking for Fitness (moderate/advanced)
  • Let’s Move!: Aging Well Through Motion 
  • And many others!

All of the classes offered to Panorama residents can benefit just about everyone, whether you are rehabbing from an injury or surgery or if you are a beginner to fitness.

Erin Dorn, Aquatic & Fitness Coordinator

Classes for Balance and Stability

As people age, they begin to hear more and more about being at risk for falls and how they may lose some balance and stability. They may begin to hear it from health professionals first and then perhaps friends or family. The good news? There is a whole lot you can do to protect yourself, and it can be fun as well as functional. In addition to the numerous classes and resources that we have at our Aquatic & Fitness Center, we have a few classes that stand out as most helpful for balance and stability improvement.

Tai Ji Quan: Moving for Better Balance

This class is a sure thing to get your balance and stability back on track. It is a research-based balance training regimen designed for older adults at risk of falling and people with balance disorders. The class aids in improving lower limb muscular strength, sensory integration, limits of stability, and global cognitive function. It has been credited for reducing incidence of falls by 55% in community-dwelling older adults and by 67% in people with Parkinson’s disease.

Zumba Gold

Whether you actually have moves or not, dance is a fun way to help with balance and stability. As you learn new moves, your body is forced to adapt and become more coordinated, which in turn leads to better balance and stability through increased neuromuscular control and function! Research has shown those who dance have better muscle efficiency, which supports the idea that this training can influence the control you have over everyday movements.

Tai Chi

Tai chi has many physical benefits. The slow, extended weight shifting helps improve bone density and joint stability. The movements also stretch and strengthen muscles. Like yoga, tai chi has a meditative quality that can trigger the relaxation response. A number of studies have shown that tai chi improves balance. Tai chi combines the physical components needed to stay upright—leg strength, flexibility, range of motion, and reflexes. You’re practicing your balance and teaching your body to be more sensitive and have greater strength. As a result, you’ll be able to maintain your balance if you encounter uneven pavement or if you are walking through the shopping mall.

For more information on the classes and programs offered to Panorama residents, contact a Retirement Advisor at (360)456-0111.

New Panorama Memory Café

Because being active physically, socially and mentally is good for the brain

Written by Sara Wasser, Social Services Advisor

Fostering dementia-friendly and inclusive communities is happening all over the world, and Panorama is part of the movement!

In 2017, Panorama’s Clinical Operations team asked Independent Living residents questions about their health, wellbeing and overall satisfaction in the Quality of Life Questionnaire. While falls and mobility were major concerns for many of you, memory loss also ranked as a top challenge.

The Clinical Operations Team and Lifestyle Enrichment Department are developing more dementia-friendly activities as a result of these findings. Through the generous donations to the Office of Philanthropy, we will be able to host a new monthly Memory Café beginning in June.

What is a Memory Café?

Memory Cafés are simple –it’s all about connecting, companionship and having fun together! They offer a welcoming space for people with dementia and their care partners to socialize and connect in a relaxed environment free of expectations and judgment. The concept originated in the Netherlands almost twenty years ago and Memory Cafés are now popping up all over the world. There are 14 cities in our state with Memory Cafés including one hosted by South Sound Senior Services on the first Thursday of every month from 2:30-4:30pm at Rivers Edge Restaurant in Tumwater.

Panorama’s Memory Café will include a complementary (non-alcoholic) beverage and musical entertainment by Panorama favorites Phil Bunker, Alan Zaboski, Scott Cossu and others. Independent Living Social Services staff will also be there to welcome guests, facilitate conversations and provide educational handouts on dementia, caregiving and other valuable resources.

Who is the Memory Café for?

Memory Cafés are designed for people with early-to-moderate stage dementia and their care partners, as well as those who worry about memory problems. It’s not a respite or adult day program. While Memory Cafés are not considered a “support group”, peer support and social contact becomes a focal point. Many people make friendships as a result of the group and are able to provide mutual support outside of the Memory Café.

First Annual Pathways 5k at Panorama

We held our first Annual Panorama Pathways 5k on Saturday, May 19th and it was a huge success! Approximately 130 residents participated, opting to run, jog, walk, or ride a scooter through the 3.1-mile course – some even went through twice! The course wove through several different campus neighborhoods, taking advantage of the beautiful scenery our arboretum has to offer. Staff from a variety of departments joined in the festivities by hosting water stations and cheerleading efforts throughout the course. The energy of all involved, combine with the perfect weather made it a day for the books.

Here’s what one participant had to say following the event:

“The Panorama Pathways 5K walk yesterday was amazing. I’d like to send kudos to so many of our fine staff. It seemed that every department was represented! Lifestyle Enrichment, Marketing, Independent Living Services, Seventeen51, Urgent Response, Security, and our bus drivers! I can’t name all the names I saw there helping, but I am just amazed at the outpouring of energy by the folks who keep us active, connected and healthy! Kudos all round for a job well done!”