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Walk the Loop Group

May 25, 2018

Written by a Panorama resident for the June 2018 Newsletter

Each summer more and more residents join the Walk the Loop Group. Last year 354 people participated, setting a new record for attendance since it began in 2012. The weekly strolls around Circle Loop take place every Tuesday evening in June, July and August, regardless of the weather. Start time is 6:30pm, though a bit earlier or later is fine. No advance registration is needed, but participants record their laps on charts at the Fitness Center entrance each week. The distance around Circle Loop is one-half mile, and there are benches along the way. Start anywhere on the loop and go either direction. Your pace can be slow or quick as you walk one lap or more. People with canes, walkers, wheelchairs and scooters can join. The yellow t-shirts are optional, but they look great in the sunshine. Dogs get a yellow scarf. This is an informal activity – a chance to socialize and exercise. Signs around the loop will challenge your memorywith trivia questions or teach you something new.

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