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LOVE for Health & Fitness

February 4, 2019
Categories: Health & Wellness

The month of February is all about love; or so Hallmark tells us. Rather than the knee-jerk reaction to think of others, how about self-love and self-care?

For the month of February take some time to participate in activities that show yourself how much you love and appreciate your body and mind! Track your daily exercises that stimulate your mind and body to focus on the activities listed below.

LOWER BODY EXERCISES - lower body exercises can include any activity that requires you to utilize your muscles from the waist below. This can include, but is not limited to walking, running, bicycling, using leg machines, and/or fitness classes that require leg movements such as water aerobics or Tai Chi.

ORGANIZE - find time to organize different aspects of your life, which may include your monthly/weekly schedule, a bedroom, drawers, files, cars, closets and/or bathrooms.

VEGETABLES - incorporate a NEW vegetable (or fruit) in your daily diet. Local seasonal vegetables include kale varieties, winter squashes (such as acorn, butternut, or hubbard), carrots, sunchokes (Jerusalem artichokes), beets, and Brussel sprouts.

EDUCATIONAL - take part in an educational program that will stimulate your mind. This might include lectures, classes, educational articles, or brain fitness games.

Erin Dorn, Aquatic & Fitness Coordinator

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