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Phone System Upgrade

June 11, 2020
Categories: Campus Updates

Our phone system has been in place since 1994. It has served us well but the manufacturer no longer supports it. Because of this lack of support, we are replacing the system this month. The tentative date to cut over to the new system is June 22nd starting at 8:00pm. We should be complete by 7:00am June 23rd. 

Changes to Your Voicemail

Nothing will change for residents using their Panorama phone unless you have voicemail. Once the new system is in place, there will be new prompts to listen to and delete your voicemails. If you are saving voicemails you should delete them. If you for some reason need to keep an old voicemail please create a work order and we will help you with that.

Only Staff Phones Will Change

The new system will allow us to shift the corporate users to Voice over Internet Protocol phones while still allowing residents to use the existing analog phones. As of now, analog phones using older copper cabling are still the best way to deliver phone service to resident homes - it's less expensive and it allows us to retain the functionality of the many caption phones used across campus. Perhaps one day we will be able to move to a wireless solution, but that is not feasible now.

We will continue to communicate with you over the next two weeks regarding any updates.

Jeff Harley

Director of Information Technology

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